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1.introduction(Coffee grinder knowledge summary )

Mis à jour : 28 nov. 2019

We have being in coffee industry for years. But rarely did a summery of coffee appliance. It was a pity. So We decided to make one special blog about the coffee grinder first.

As coffee grinder is the third step of coffee making. First is coffee planting, second is coffee baking, and the last is coffee brewing and coffee extraction. So you can know the importance of having a good coffee grinder.

This will be a long article. So I will update day by day to finish this long article.

Why are we talking about the coffee grinder today?

Maybe for someone new or plan to making coffee by themselves,

The most important device for making coffee is the coffee making machine.

But in fact, for those who really are experienced,

Want to make the most cost-effective coffee equipment combination with limited funds,

They will choose to spend the money on the coffee grinder.

Coffee making machines and the coffee grinders are both important parts of making coffee.

It has a great influence on the taste of coffee.

However, the price range of the coffee machine is about between $3000 and $30000 or more.

The price of the grinder is about between $30 and $3000. It's not accurate I know it. I just use a rough number

So it will be upgrade a lot more to spend the same money on coffee grinder not the coffee maker.


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