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2.Home use coffee maker(coffee maker choosing guidance summery)

Mis à jour : 28 nov. 2019

House hold coffee maker

It's too many brands and price here.

Just show the advantages and disadvantages of each different type coffee maker

Single head semi-automatic machine

Advantages: able to carry out coffee extraction, can make milkshake, all coffee in the cafe can be made by it, high quality.

Disadvantages: Compared with the pressure of commercial models (higher price type with no such problem), you need to use with a coffee grinder, you need to learn coffee making, the taste is greatly affected by the operator professionalism, and the cleaning is more troublesome.

Price range: thousands to $20,000

Suitable for these who will make their own coffee, want to drink coffee like in the cafe, such as latte and other coffee.

Use experience: as long as not too cheap coffee maker, basically the coffee made with this coffee machine is good. It is similar to the semi-automatic machine and is suitable for private and cafes. The volume is relatively small, and it is convenient.

Fully automatic coffee machine

Advantages: easy to use, one-button control, high quality coffee, easy to clean. No need to use a coffee grinder alone.

Disadvantages: The level of coffee produced by electronic control is not better than the coffee a good barista uses a semi-automatic machine. Sometimes the milk needs to be shaked manually. Some have automatically milkshake function, but the quality of the milkshake is generally not high. The ability to complete the coffee machine's preset coffee production.

Price range: thousands to $30,000

Suitable for these can't make coffee no matter how easy it is, but who wants to drink a cafe-like coffee and with no strict taste requirements.

Use experience: convenient to use. Don't worry too much. Some can make milkshake, So inquire before you order. If you use good coffee beans and good milk, the taste will increase. This kind is popular in office.

Capsule coffee maker

Advantages: Small size does not need much space. Easy to clean. One-button control. easy to carry. No need a grinder.

Disadvantages: The quality of coffee made by capsules coffee maker is not high. The water pressure is insufficient so the extraction is insufficient. The type of coffee that can be made is less (basically only American and expresso, but the expresso is similar like the American taste).

Price range: one hundred to two thousand USD

Suitable for these want personal use, low quality requirements for coffee, love to drink American.

Use experience: coffee taste can only be determined by the capsule. When buying, you must ask whether the capsule is universal. Most capsules on the market are generic with Nestle. Otherwise you can only buy capsules of a certain brand.

Drip coffee maker

Advantages: cheap, compact and easy to clean. Coffee quality mainly affected by good coffee well.

Disadvantages: You can only make American coffee, you can't milkshake, you need to match a grinder, you need to master the basic proportion of coffee powder and water. Cleaning is more troublesome.

Price range: ten to one thousand USD

Suitable for these like to drink American coffee, have requirement for coffee quality. People who understand some coffee knowledge.

Use experience: The coffee that some people drink every morning in a movie is made by this small coffee machine. Control the ratio of powder and water to adjust the taste. In addition to making coffee, you can also use it to make tea.

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