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The best coffee grinder under $400

Mis à jour : 2 janv. 2020

Before we talk about this topic. I will recommend another topic for you for your consideration:

The best coffee grinder under $300

We know that the coffee grinder act as a very vital part in our daily coffee life.

Without a good and suitable coffee grinder, you won't get a cup of good satisfactory coffee. It's the step that you can control and decide the quality of coffee powder which has a vital effect on the extracting process.

You can check our former blog for reference: coffee-grinder-matters-the-most-for-a-cup-of-perfect-coffee

So here we will show you our recommendation of the best coffee grinder under $400

We are a direct supplier of coffee grinders. So I will recommend our most suitable and good performance products for you. So let check below:

Coffee grinder 020 (Retail price $375)

  • 60mm metal flat burr

  • metal body(aluminum alloy)

  • push control outlet

  • 1L hopper

Coffee grinder 021(Retail price $428)

  • 60mm metal flat burr

  • metal body(aluminum alloy)

  • Microcomputer control outlet

  • 1L hopper

Coffee grinder 800N (Retail price $428)

  • 80mm metal ghost burr (masticating burr)

  • metal body (ABS alloy)

  • push control outlet & on-off button control

  • 250g hopper

These three models are a great choice for the commercial coffee shop which has large coffee making demands. You can easily tell me the difference between them:

The great difference between 020 and 021 is outlet control.

  • Grinder 020 has the mechanical basic control which needs an experienced barista to operate.

  • Grinder 021 is more automatic and clever. You can set the value and next time grinder will outlet the same amount of coffee by itself.

All other stuff is the same as 020 and 021, So you can choose according to your operation habits.

The difference between 800N and 020/021 is obvious.

  • Grinder 800N uses the ghost burr so as to gain a special powder which is between flat burr and conical burr theoretically.

  • Grinder 020/021 uses the flat burr to get a very high consistency.

But which is better? It's a long-existing debate. You can check below blog for reference:


So Above is all our introduction. Hope you can find something helpful.

Thank you for reading.

Contact us if anything.

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