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Blade coffee grinder VS blender

Mis à jour : 29 mai 2020

The blender is a very popular appliance and the blade coffee grinder is also very useful. So here we will analyze these two appliances.

1. what is the blender and blade coffee grinder?

Blender: there's an explanation in the wiki of the blender. You can check them for reference.

A blender is an appliance we used for blending, cutting, grinding, mixing, crushing. So you can use it as a juicer, ice crusher, meat grinder, spice grinder, coffee grinder, food mixer, powder grinder, etc.

So it is a multifunctional appliance that can do many many works that you can't even imagine. That's why the blender is one of the most popular appliances in the world. For me, the blender is the most useful one in my house.

Blade coffee grinder: It is called spice grinder too. You can check the wiki explanation too.

The blade coffee grinder is actually a small size blender but not water-proof. It is an integrated appliance that combines container and base together. It only can process the comparatively dry raw materials.

It is small and convenient. So sometimes it can be a very good tool to deal with a small amount of grinding or mixing. It is a great substitute for big blenders.

2. what are their principle?

The blender and blade coffee grinder shares the same principle.

They all have a motor in the base and a blade connected to it. The blade is inside a container to cut the raw materials. A shaft connected to the motor and blade will act as a power transmission element.

The principle is similar to many appliances. The food processor, the fan, the food mixers, etc. They all rely on a motor to drive the propeller to realize different functions.

The difference is the structure. The different structure of blender and spice grinder brings them different functions.

3. Which one is better for your kitchen?

I will analyze from different perspectives:


Blender: they have great categories from big size to small size. Normally the commercial blender is very big and heavy. There are also small size blenders that you can take out. sometimes the USB blender can work for a while without the plug.

Blade coffee grinder: they are always small and light. So you can take them anywhere you want.


Because of the same principle they share, the blender and blade coffee grinder can do the same jobs. But because of the different structures, they have differences.

1. The blenders water-proof jar which is suitable for fruit, vegetable, ice or other materials containing much water. But the spice grinder has screw holes inside the container, so it can't deal with juicy raw materials. This is the biggest difference in functions.

2. And another thing is that the spice grinder has a very small container which maybe is 200ml. So you can't put too many things inside. But the blender can process at least 400ml. The biggest capacity maybe is 5L for commercial use. Or 30L or more for industrial blenders.

3. The blade sets for them are different. Most blade sets of the blender are excellent. Only the USB blender or shake n take blender is equipped with low-quality blade sets. The blade coffee grinder can't compete with normal commercial or home-use blender. It's only better than the USB blender and the shake n take blender.


Most people care about cost when purchasing. So it's an important factor that we can't avoid. Normally the cost of a spice grinder is lower than a blender. But it's not a certain thing.

There is some very cheap mini blender that has a similar cost as the spice grinder. For example, the USB blender.

Above is today's topic. So if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading

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