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To grind coffee beans, the blade coffee grinder and the blender is the same

Mis à jour : 2 janv. 2020

For the coffee lover, having a coffee grinder is a great pleasure in daily coffee time. But the professional electrical burr grinder is comparatively expensive although they are really good and you don't want a manual coffee grinder because it takes strength and time. So we will come to choose the electrical blade grinder which is automatic grinding and comparatively cheap.

But sometimes we don't afford an electrical blade grinder too. For the smart, they use the blender to do the job. So there comes a question:

  • If a blade grinder is better than a blender in coffee grinding?

  • Do blender blending good coffee power too?

  • Is the blender better than the manual grinder?

Here we will explain our opinions step by step as below.

What is a blade grinder?

The principle:

The blade grinder is an appliance has a motor inside that is connected with the blade and drives the blade in the container. The whole appliance is an integrated machine that can't be taken apart when usage.

The working principle: the blade inside with high speed acts as a cutter to cut each object it touches. The blade will cut them into many pieces, and the fragments will fly around and strike the inner wall. When the fragments fall down, the blade will have chances to cut again. So the very fine powders will fall down on the button and the blade won't touch them again. And the light fragment will always fly around to avoid being cut. So it's obvious that we can get the consistent powder as we wish. And by the way, it's noisy like using a blender because of the strikes and the high speed blade rotating.

The shape:

From outside it looks like a cup or mug that we use to contain water or other drinks. It normally has a transparent plastic cover for the view inside. The outer body is made of plastic which has the brands on it. The power wire is connected to the button.

The inner container is stainless steel which is hard enough to bear the strike of flying beans. And the stainless steel blade on the button of the container is one of the most important parts of the whole appliance. Below the blade and under the container and above the button of the whole machine is another key element that transforms electricity into power.

Using manual:

It is very easy to use the blade grinder because it is really a simplified appliance. What you need do is just to plug in and button on. The blade will start working at once.

After grinding, remember to turn off first before you open the cover and pour out the grinds.


* Coffee (must)

* Seasoning grinding (Dry and wet)

* Other food dry powder and jelly

* Various grinding or blending except for fluid grade.


* Cheap

* Easy to use

* Various function (blending and grinding)

* Portable (outgoing or trip)


* No consistent grinds output

* Noisy

* Not easy to clean the blade and below

* Low waterproof level

* Small capacity for big amount grinding(200-500ml)

* Need stop frequently to prevent overheat of the motor

* Small power

After learning the feature of the blade coffee grinder, one very popular appliance comes to my mind. It's the blender that works very similar to the blade grinder. In my mind. they just different in shape and structure but same in principle. So let's check the blender below:

What is a blender?

The blender is a great design appliance for the smoothie, powder grinding, dough mixing, meat processing, ice crushing, jelly making, etc. It is an excellent appliance that can be used in various situations which we may not know even we have one or two blenders in our kitchen.

There are so many recipes all over the internet that introduce how to make great drinks or delicious food. When you clicked the article, you will find many of them need a good blender to finish the job. The blender acts like a must in daily food making.

The principle:

The blender normally has 2 major parts: JAR and BASE

Jar: one or more glass or plastic container with a mounted blade in the bottom

Base: has an electric motor and switches to turn on the motor or change its speed

When turning on the power, the motor will rotate and drive the blade connected with the motor. The blade will cut the material inside and create a liquid or dry powder tornado to make the ingredient mixed well. The material could be water, vegetable, dry food, ice, etc.

The shape and categories:

As we say that the blender normally has 2 parts. So it normally looks like a big transparent mug on a round or rectangle base. But there are really too many kinds of blender that exist now. So I have to just list them below and explain its main features:

* Commercial blender: Capacity range from 1.5L to 5L, power is around 1500w-2500w. suitable for heavy-duty commercial use in shops or commercial kitchens. Sometimes it has a soundproof cover to make it more silent.

* Family home-use blender: Capacity range from 1L to 1.5L, power is 500w-1500w. It can provide service for a 2-4 person family. It can do all work commercial blender can do but not so durable if it works in the same condition as the commercial blender

* Personal use home use blender: The blender maybe is 400ml-600ml, power is 200w-600w. They can only provide service to only one person. But it's really convenient and easy to use.

* Portable trip blender: This kind of blender has a container as a bottle can be taken out. After blending, you can just grab the bottle with cover and go anywhere and drink wherever and whenever you want.

Or some blender has a battery inside that you can make the drinks on a trip without looking for the power connection. They all are small and convenient to be taken with.

The all above blender all have a similar outline. The only big difference is the size. So they all look like a cup on a plastic base.

Using manual:

* When using a blender, first and very important is to put the Jar(container) on the base and check if they are connected well! (Important)

* Then you can add your material inside and seal them by the cover

* Turn on the power

* Choose the function you need and press the button or rotate the knob

* Just wait for your great work to be finished

* Turn off and take the jar when it's ready.

* Enjoy your work and clean


Check WIKIPEDIA explanation

Countertop blenders are designed to mix, purée, and chop food. Their strength is such big that the ability to crush ice is an expected feature.

Blenders are used both in-home and commercial kitchens for various purposes, including to:

*Grind semi-solid ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, into smooth puréesBlend *ice cream, milk, and sweet sauces to make milkshakes

*Mix and crush ice in cocktails such as the Zombie, piña colada and frozen margarita

*Crush ice and other ingredients in non-alcoholic drinks such as frappuccinos and smoothies

*Emulsify mixtures

*Reduce small solids such as spices and seeds to smaller solids or completely powder or nut butter

*Blend mixtures of powders, granules, and/or liquids thoroughly Help dissolve solids into liquids

Blenders also have a variety of applications in microbiology and food science. In addition to standard food-type blenders, there is a variety of other configurations of blender for laboratories.


(We can't talk about these advantages and disadvantages here, because there are too many kinds of blenders and each has its own feature. So it's very to introduce Pro&Con here roughly.)


1. So blade grinder and blender don't have any ability to compete with burr grinders in the coffee grinding field.

The cutting part they all use is the blade which can only do the job blending and cutting. So they all can't do a better job than any burr grinder, even the manual grinders.

(we know this from our former blog:

What is the blade coffee grinder? the principle, structure, usage, clean introduction)

2. The coffee blade grinder and blender just work very similar in coffee grinding.

From the principle introduction, we can know they may have the similar functions.

So let's do an experiment by adding coffee beans to blender and blade grinder both, grinding for 5 minutes, 7 minutes and 10 minutes. Let check the results below:

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