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Coffee brewing methods and Taboo of coffee

Coffee brewing methods

If using the stirring method, we have high requirements on the quality of the coffee beans, and if using the bad coffee beans, the bad flavor will be amplified. In addition, the stirring and steaming method is more suitable for brewing lightly roasted coffee beans, and the beans need to be finely ground, which can increase the water immersion area of ​​the coffee powder and increase the extraction rate. However, if you do not grasp the degree of agitation, it is easy to over-extract. The large bottom of the kettle can provide a stronger penetrating power for the injected water flow, so that the fine powder can be tumbling for a longer time, which is important because the release of the internal matter of the coffee powder during the tumbling state is suspended. This avoids the long-term soaking that causes the miscellaneous taste to be extracted together.

For the medium-light-roasted coffee beans, during the brewing process, the coffee powder sinks on the surface for longer time. The resistance of the water flowing out of the filter bowl is big. In order to better control the extraction time, for the selection on the filter bowl, it is recommended to use a filter bowl with a faster flow rate design.

Taboo of coffee

Children: Many nutritionists have confirmed that children are the least suitable for eating coffee beans. Because caffeine interferes with brain memory, although caffeine has a strong excitatory effect on the central nervous system, it can cause mental irritability, disobedience, and decreased academic performance. Caffeine may also cause an increase in cell mutation rate. Pregnant women: Scientists in California, United States have shown that caffeine can inhibit the normal development of the fetus in the pregnant. If you drink too much coffee, it may increase the probability of miscarriage. If it's smooth to give birth to a baby, the baby's weight is generally lighter and naturally dying rate is high. Therefore: pregnant women are best not to drink coffee. Women and the elderly: Excessive caffeine can lead to the loss of calcium. Older people can cause osteoporosis and increase the chance of fracture. After menopause, the body needs 10 times more calcium than before menopause. So it is best not to drink coffee for women and the elderly after menopause. Newly-married men: Scientists at Harvard Medical School in the United States conducted a killing sperm test on caffeinated beverages. The results showed that the newly formulated caffeinated cola drink killed 58% of the sperm, while the old formula of caffeine-containing cola Drinks can kill all sperm.

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