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Coffee grinder matters the most for a cup of perfect coffee

Mis à jour : 27 nov. 2019

The coffee grinding process is the most important part that we can control in our daily coffee brewing operation which is concluded by our baristas. So I will explain why in this article:

As is known widely that it will take several procedures before a cup of flavored coffee. So I summarize them into the below 4 processes which take a very long time.

1. Coffee bean trees planting, growing, harvesting.

2. Coffee bean filtering, baking.

3. Grinding beans with suitable tools.

4. Extracting coffee powder.

It's easy to understand these 4 processes and easily you can tell which is more important.

The importance sequence: 1>2>3>4.

We can't control the quality of coffee beans because it's determined by beans supplier and we can only choose from them. Like every time in the supermarket or shop, just pick a bag of preferred beans and check out. Just a few minutes to make a decision.

What we can control is the process 3 and 4 which requires certain tools to assist.

And before extracting, grinding has such a great influence on the consistency, shape, exposure time, etc which makes the grinding process the most important for the coffee brewing that we can control by ourselves.

We can say that without good quality grinds, any coffee maker can't save the soul of this cup of coffee which makes your precious coffee maker a waste of money!!!

We know the quality of grinds determined the taste of coffee, so I think this conclusion is not debatable. And although the coffee makers are much more expensive than coffee grinder normally, we still insist on the importance of coffee grinder bigger than the coffee maker.

So if you want to make high quality and suitable grinds. I will suggest you some tools below which is our specialty.

1. Manual coffee grinder

It is a tool that requires human strength to rotate a rod which drives the grinding burr through mechanical gears. Honestly, it will be a physical exercise before you can get the grinds.

It is equipped with a conical burr and normally can't make too many fine grinds.

Consistency is just all right because human power can't be the same all the time as motor power. Normally is equipped with the conical burr.

2. Electrical coffee grinder

The electrical coffee grinder is divided into 2 categories which determined by the grinding stone they are equipped.

(1). blade coffee grinder is equipped with the blade to cut the beans. Actually you will get scraps in different shapes and no consistency exists. The grinds can't be called powder because some of them are big pieces of beans.

So I don't suggest this kind of grinder for coffee for strict coffee lovers.

But it is a good tool for kitchen ingredients like cutting pepper, garlic, onion, etc.

So it's your choice if you can accept.

(2) burr coffee grinders are a big family and distinguished by the categories of burrs they are equipped with. They are conical burr, flat burr and ghost burr(masticating burr).

The coffee enthusiasts debate on which burr is better than another. And the articles about the comparison from many bloggers insist on their opinions are found everywhere.

It's hard to tell which is better. What I can say they all have features and suitable for certain conditions.

But most important is that this coffee grinder is the best among all the coffee grinding tools and facilities.

3. fully automatic coffee maker

Actually it is an integrated machine consisting of the coffee grinder and coffee extractor. Just put the beans into hopper and come out the coffee. It's simple and convenient and suitable for these don't want to spend too much time on grinding and brewing.

For different brewing methods, we choose different grinding methods.

Better to use an electrical burr grinder when to make an espresso or Turkish coffee because they need fine enough and consistent coffee powder.

Choose the manual coffee grinder for hand brewing coffee is not a bad choice.

If short of budget and time, a blade coffee grinder maybe is a great choice.

With enough budget but less time, I recommend a fully automatic coffee maker.

In a word, just remember the coffee grinder is an important stage of coffee brewing that we can't ignore. And choosing the most suitable one for your coffee journey will help you enjoy every sip of it.

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