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Common coffee types introduced by Coffeeappliance

(Espresso): The word is in Italian, meaning "cooked for you immediately", which is commonly known as Italian espresso. Espresso is made of high pressure, allowing the boiling water to quickly pass through the coffee powder in just a few seconds, getting about 1/4 ounce of coffee, bitter and fragrant.

(Espresso Macchiato): Macchiato is originally in Italian, meaning "imprint", and pronounced "Machya", but we used to call it Macchiato. Macchiato has a thin layer of hot milk foam on the espresso to keep the coffee temperature. The nice sweet milk foam can buffer the bitter impact of espresso. If you want to drink coffee but can't give up the sweet taste, you can Choose Macchiato.

(Americano): Black coffee made with a drip coffee maker, a syphon pot, a pressure cooker, or the like, or a large amount of water added to an Italian espresso. The taste is lighter, but because of the long extraction time, the caffeine content is high. (Flat White): It's Malaysian native product, with a history of more than 100 years. White coffee does not mean that the color of the coffee is white, but the coffee obtained from the special processing of the special coffee beans and the special skim milk essence. The sweetness of the coffee does not harm the stomach and the original color and fragrance of the coffee. The color is lighter and softer than ordinary coffee, so it is called white coffee.

(Caffè Latte): Making method of latte is extremely simple. That is, pouring nearly boiling milk into the freshly prepared Italian espresso. In fact, there is no limit how much milk to add. It can be freely adjusted according to individual tastes. (Espresso Con Panna): In Italian, Con is a blend, Panna is a whipped cream, and Mercury Blue is an espresso with whipped cream. There is a saying that the authentic Herba Blue should be accompanied by a chocolate or toffee. First, put chocolate or toffee in your mouth, then drink coffee, let the delicious bloom in the mouth. (Cafe Breve): It's like a latte. The difference is not with milk, but with a mixture of half-milk and half-cream. Sometimes a little milk foam is added. (Cappuccino): Traditional cappuccino is made of one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third foamed milk. Cappuccino is divided into dry and wet. Dry Cappuccino refers to a method of more milk foam and less milk, more taste of coffee than milk. Wet Cappuccino refers to the method of less milk foam and more milk. The milky scent is stronger than coffee flavor. It is suitable for light taste. (Caffè Mocha): One of the oldest coffees, named after the famous Mocha Harbor. Mocha is a blend of Italian espresso, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and milk. It is a variant of Italian latte. (Caramel Macchiato): The caramelized macchiato is a drink made by adding espresso, vanilla and pure caramel to the hot milk. It is characterized by three drinks in a drink. Different tastes.

(Irish Coffee): A coffee that is like wine and coffee. It is made by mixing hot coffee, Irish whiskey, butter, and sugar. (Viennese Coffee): Austria's most famous coffee, sprinkle a thin layer of sugar or fine sugar on the bottom of the warm coffee cup, then pour the hot and dark black coffee into the cup, and finally decorate the coffee surface with two spoons of Cold fresh cream. A cup of Viennese coffee is ready.

Friends can leave message about the coffee we left. We will update it here if it's really helpful.

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