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Difference between blender, grinder, food processor

Mis à jour : 27 mars 2020

Each appliance has different functions but also has so many similarities. Sometimes we use one appliance to realize more functions that only certain appliance has. So we don't have to purchase them all. Just some of them are enough for your kitchen.

We received a lot of feedback about blender, grinder, food processor. They have so many similarities and differences. So I think it's better for us to explain.

The category and principle

Blender: It is an appliance that has a motor inside the base and connects to the blade inside the jar(container). When power on, the motor will drive the blade to rotate and cut the raw material.

Grinder: This appliance has a very strong motor connected with a blade or a zigzag cutter. The weird shape cutter will take a great role in the grinding process.

Food processor: The food processor is quite a simple appliance that has a motor connected to a very sharp and thin blade. The working process is actually cutting process.

The similarities

They all have the same principle that the motor is connected to the cutter and drive the cutter to cut the material inside a certain container.

The difference


It is obvious that the appearance of each appliance is totally different. You can easily recognize them if you have used them before even if they are upgraded many times. The outline differences are caused by different functions and inside parts dimensions.

You can check below picture for reference


The cutting element of each appliance is very different. Even the same appliance can use various cutters for different functions. So I will introduce one by one.

  • Blender uses the blade as its cutter. The blade maybe has 4, 6, 8 leaves. And the structure of the blade will be different for cutting ice or fresh fruit or anything else. It is thick, short, and not very sharp.

  • The grinder has many totally different cutters: the burr cutter, the blade cutter. And they both have branches for various aims. For example, the meat grinder has special knives which different from the blade of the blade coffee grinder, blender, and food processor. And the burr of grain grinder is totally different from the burr of coffee grinder. And burr coffee grinder owns many kinds of burrs.

  • The food processor uses the blade too, but the blade is very different from the blender. It's sharp, long and thin and connected by a metal or plastic pillar. you can easily break it.


This is easy. Normally the blender has the biggest power. So the normal sequence of size and power of the motor: blender>grinder>food processor.

Remark: but this is not certain that some meat grinder has very big power which is designed for large production. And some commercial coffee grinder has very big power too. So the above sequence is not certain, and it's just for reference. So maybe sometime the power of the grinder is much bigger than the blender. But it's certain that the food processor has normally the lowest power and size.


This is not a certain answer too. Because they all have many models that have a very big price range. So here I just compare them with experience.

Grinder>blender>food processor.


This is a very big topic and very complicated. I will try to make them completed.

  • Blender: smoothie, juice with flesh, ice crushing, meat grinding, powder making, dough mixing.

  • Grinder: meat grinding(meat grinder), powder making.

  • Food processor: vegetable and fruit cutting.


The container of different appliances owns different names. The blender has a jar. the grinder has a hopper. the food processor has a container(same). But this is not certain too. You can use other names too if it's easy to understand.

The structure and outline of each container are very different. You can check the above picture for reference.

Additional difference

By the way, some grinders have the fineness adjustment function that you can change the fineness of powder which I saw from other appliances. And the grinder has a special design that has a hopper and outlet container(if with). The whole process is not finished inside one container.

The blender and food process finish their jobs only inside the containers.

So above are the major difference between them, If you have other ideas, we will be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading

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