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Difference between cheap and expensive manual coffee grinders


This is an interesting topic!!

Many friends online asked me the difference between cheap and expensive manual coffee grinders, electrical coffee grinders, blenders, etc. They are very big and uncertain questions and hard to answer.

But I think it's better I figure out the suitable questions for it. So let's check the difference between cheap and expensive manual coffee grinders.

First, how to define the concept of cheap or expensive?

When I first receive the question, I started to consider what do you mean is cheap or expensive? It depends on the income of you or your family. Some people think $100 is a big cost, but some people think $1000 is a piece of cake.

The manual grinder is always around $10-$100 which is not a big cost for most developed countries. But some people in these developed countries still think this cost is expensive and needs to think twice.

And there is another question: are you willing to pay this bill at this cost. Some people earn lots of money but think that it's unnecessary to spend money on that product. So they may think manual coffee grinder worth $10 is expensive for them too. Maybe they prefer tea instead of coffee.

So on my perspective, cheap and expensive is a rough concept that different people have different ideas and it's according to the income and needs and many other factors even I didn't mention.

Second, I will compare manual coffee grinders of high price and low price.

There are lots of manual coffee grinder in different shapes. But there are many things in common of cheap manual coffee grinders. And expensive grinders too. So I will introduce based on my experience.

Shell material:

Cheap: wood, glass, iron, thin and rough stainless steel

Expensive: thick stainless steel and better structure to bear the shock.

Burr material:

Cheap: ceramics

Expensive: metal(stainless steel or better)

Shaft Bearing:

Cheap: No bearing, just holding structure

Expensive: Metal bearing to make the rotating smooth


Cheap: simple handle and not good for holding, rough surface

Expensive: better design and firm and smooth


Cheap: No painting or rough painted

Expensive: well painted can last for a long time

Small parts:

Cheap: simple and fragile

Expensive: concrete and well machined, more parts to make the grinder work stable

Craftsmanship: Cheap: Not good

Expensive: very excellent


Cheap: light

Expensive: heavy


You can notice the obvious difference when you are holding both grinders. The high price manual coffee grinder can provide you with a very excellent experience.

So if you can check them both in a shop, you can decide which one is more suitable for you.

Thanks for reading.

Leave a comment if anything.

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