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Does expensive coffee grinder make better coffee?

Mis à jour : 13 janv. 2020

This is an interesting question that may confuse many people before they purchase a coffee grinder for daily coffee or cafe. We will have a budget of order and an expectation when we plan to have a new product at home or in a shop or in the office. So it's a normal phenomenon that we will ask if the more expensive is the better.

As a coffee enthusiast and coffee appliance supplier, I encounter the same question so many times. So I will explain it totally here about this question.

Firstly, The coffee grinder is only a part of the coffee-making process. There are more factors that will affect the coffee.

Like we said before that the whole coffee-making process starts from coffee beans planting and harvest, coffee beans roasting process, coffee beans grinding process, coffee powder extracting process. Every process has its strict operation requirements to make sure the best outcome.

The first step of planting and harvest is the most important that it decides the major flavor of the coffee beans. The planting sunshine, temperature, moisture, earth quality, etc affect the planting process and harvest.

The second process of beans roasting is less important but more important than the third and fourth steps. The good beans roaster can make the not good beans to a better level, and surely can make good beans to an excellent level. But he can't make not good beans to an excellent level. So the first step is the major factor and the second step is the second important factor.

The third step is the grinding process which we are very familiar with in our daily life. It is also important but not as important as the above steps. It determines the quality of coffee powder that is used in the coffee extracting process. It can't affect any parts of the above two steps. But it's vital for the next step as we know and tested in daily life.

The fourth step is extracting. In this process, we will have many choices to make different kinds of coffee as each's preference. And the coffee makers here are developing quickly to satisfy each need. We can see the various new models updating every year having more advanced technology to make just cups of coffee. Some coffee makers have a very crazy price that not many people can afford.

So we can easily know that the coffee grinder matters in the coffee-making process. And the coffee grinder really can affect the quality of the coffee. So let's check how could the coffee grinder make the better coffee.

Secondly, there are so many coffee categories. So my advice is to have the best grinder you need, choose the most suitable one, not the most expensive one.

When we enter a cafe, on the menu there are dozens of coffee like:

Black Coffee:




Long Black,

Drip Coffee,

Batch Brew,


Pour Over Coffee,

Instant Coffee,

AeroPress Coffee,

Vacuum Coffee,

Immersion Coffee.

Milk Based Coffee:

Flat White,



Caffe Breve,


Latte Macchiato,




Iced And Cold Coffees:

Cold Brew Coffee,

Nitro Coffee,

Espresso Tonic.

Strange And Unique Coffees:

Turkish Coffee,

Vietnamese Coffee,

Bulletproof Coffee,

Cascara Coffee,

Geisha Coffee,

Kopi Luwak,


Irish Coffee.

Above is only part of the coffee that we encounter, we may have more choice if the cafe invented more by their experience. And I don't think one commercial flat burr grinder can do all the coffee powder above. Each coffee may need different powders from very coarse powder like hand grinding and very fine powders like espresso powder. So they may need several grinders from manual to electrical, from conical burr to flat burr or other special burrs.

Each kind of grinders has its own feature and can do an excellent job in its own area no matter expensive or cheap.

Thirdly if to make the same coffee, The more expensive grinder is, the better the coffee made will be? The answer is Yes.

The better product is normally expensive. This is an obvious rule in sales strategy that everyone knows. The better product has a better performance over the cheap product. And the better grinder will have a more positive effect on coffee making.

Although the answer to the question is YES, we also can't ignore the individual differences. Here I will provide some of my suggestions.

(1) For the one who doesn't have strict requirements just want a casual coffee.

Some people just one cup of coffee every morning. They don't care about how delicious or tasty the coffee is. If the coffee is Ok and at a normal level, they will be happy to take it. They like coffee but maybe not a super enthusiast. So they maybe can't tell the difference of an excellent coffee and a normal coffee.

So to them, the expensive grinder maybe doesn't mean a lot and they maybe think they are not worth it because only the appearance is better.

(2) For the one who is very professional and pursuit perfection.

These people are the guys we called enthusiasts. There are many people want just excellent coffee. Their tongues are just like or better than the electronic sensors which are so sensitive to the flavor. They have super high requirements of the coffee they are offered no matter it's daily morning coffee or cafe coffee.

So to them, the expensive grinder means the better coffee absolutely.

(3) The quality of the grinders will increase crazily at a certain price range for different kinds of grinders and will increase slowly when the price is higher than the rang range.

For example. We can buy shoes at a price of $10-$100. The shoes at $100 will be much better than the shoes of $10. If we have shoes of $200 which is a doubled price, the quality will be better, but the increase will not be so obvious as the difference of $10 and $100. I don't know if this concept is easy to understand, but it's the real experience we have when we purchase the goods.

So it's better to consider them with your budget.


1. The expensive grinder can make better coffee.

2. If you want to purchase, consider if the grinder is suitable for your coffee.

3. Before purchase, consider if you have strict requirements over the coffee.

4. Consider the cost, because the quality increases slowly in the high price range and increases sharply at a normal price range.

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