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Does food lose nutrition after being blended?

Mis à jour : 19 juin 2020

Some people wonder if the nutrition will be wasted after being processed by a blender. For me, I also have this question years ago before I owned a blender.

This is really a great question that I will share with you my experience here.

I have blender and juicer both in my kitchen. And these two appliances has been serving me for several years. It's a pleasure when you can drink fresh juice when you want.

Principle of blender

The blender is a very simple appliance. It has the motor inside the base and the blade set inside the container. It has the mushroom parts to connect the two parts. When power on, the motor will drive the blade. The blade will cut the materials into small parts and the fluid inside the material will be released.

So when you drink the beverage from the blender, you will taste the smashed flesh and the delicious fluid of the food both. This drink contains everything inside the food. The only difference is that it is changed into another form. And if you weigh them up, you will find they are almost the same weight(some juice will stick to the jar, so the weight will be a bit different).

Principle of juicer

A juicer is also a great appliance. It is used to extract the fluid inside the food. It has a motor inside which is connected to the special-shaped structure that is used to squeeze and extract the fluid. And the flesh will be abandoned into another container. The juice will be collected into a separate container.

So you will get pure juice without any flesh if you use a juicer. And the flesh contains fibers and some vitamins, sugar, etc.

Remark: the food here is all referred to the vegetable or fruit or some watery food can be used to make a drink.


So after the above explanation, you will easily find the answer.

The blended beverage contains almost everything inside the food and the juiced beverage only contains the inside fluid of the food.

So it won't lose nutrition if you use a blender to process the food. But it will lose nutrition if you use a juicer to make drinks.

By the way, the processed vegetable and fruit are better for young people, old people and the sick people who maybe can't digest well if eat the food directly.

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