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Hand manual coffee grinder guildance for beginner 2

Mis à jour : 28 nov. 2019

Disadvantages of Hand cranking grinder

1, low efficiency, laborious

This is indeed a great disadvantage of the manual grinder. The electric grinder, can rotate thousands of turns in a minute, but hand grinding can only turn a hundred in one minute. So the efficiency of grinding beans manually is still quite low. If you grind dozens of grams of coffee beans, it can really make your arms sour.

The impression of the manual hand grinder is that it is very hard to grind. At present, medium and deep roasting coffee beans is more and more popular with the domestic market. These coffee beans are still easy to be ground. You can try sitting on the stool, pinning the grinder to your knees, and then grinding. This way is comparatively more labor-saving, remeber do not press hard.

2, The durability is relatively poor, not easy to adjust the scale

Generally The bean hopper on the manual grinder is screwed on the wood of the lower seat. After using more times, the gap between the screw and the wood will increase. The screw is not well fixed on the lower seat of the wood, which won't happen on the electric grinder.

Hand-cranked grinders do not have a scale prompt. So to change a thickness, such as changing from the french pressure fineness to the siphon pot fineness, you need explore and adjust the scale disc. Waste some time and beans.

Why the relatively uneven hand grinding for manual coffee grinder, mainly because the design of the coffee grinding disc is different. most of the hand grinder uses a conical sharpening grinding disc. The characteristic of the grinding disc is fast but uneven. The relatively uniform grinding is feature of flat grinding disc. However, there is another characteristic of the flat grinding disc that it's slower, which means that it takes 3-5 times more time to grind the same amount of coffee powder. So basically does not recommend flat grinding disc in the hand-grinding.

Flat burr

You can imagine of the stone grinding of the flour in the old time. By adjusting the spacing of the upper and lower grinding discs, the powder fineness is controlled. the precision is high, and the grinding is uniform.

Most hand-grinding burrs are conical sharpening disc, which are ground through the passage of the cone shape grinding disc. Because of the large difference in the spacing between the upper and lower parts of the grinding disc, the grinding is fast but the precision is low.

The price of the hand-grinding is very cheap. I suggests that if you are not sure you want always make coffee by yourself, just try it out and don't invest too much. If you decided to make it always, you can upgrade it.

Therefore, the manual grinder is for getting started. Don't buy too expensive grinder, personally think that about below $50 is OK. Friends with more cash can ignore the price part. But if choosing the mcuh better conical grinding disc, the increasing quality of coffee is not obvious.

- Grinding disc selection -

Grinding disc for the hand-cranked grinder is made of metal or ceramic. The metal will heat up when it is grinding, and the fragrance of the coffee beans will be volatilized in advance; the ceramic is brittle, but the ceramic does not heat up, so the obtained fragrance is mcuh better.

So you can choose them according to above advised and the price is also important.

Thank you guys

Enjoy your coffee days

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