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How often to clean your precious coffee grinder?

Mis à jour : 3 juin 2020

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. People created many kinds of tools only for coffee making. So it's obvious to see the love we have for it.

The coffee grinder is a must for a cup of coffee no matter it's electrical or manual. And there are many kinds of coffee grinders for now in the market. But we can still classify them by their categories. So today's topic is how often we need to clean our precious coffee grinders. And we will introduce roughly how to clean them which we will have blogs special about cleaning.

There are four conditions that we must clean the grinders before the next usage.

(1) When we change the beans, clean grinder first.

It's easy to understand why we need to clean the grinder before grinding other coffee beans. The grinds of former beans have accumulated inside the gaps for a long time. If they are mixed with the new grinds. The flavor of the coffee will be contaminated which is a disaster to coffee lovers.

(2) When we have been using the grinder for a long time, clean it regularly.

Regular cleaning is necessary because the grinds accumulated inside will go bad gradually which will have a negative effect on the coffee extracted. The spoilage of grinds will lead to not only a bad taste but also an unhealthy factor to your body which we don't want. Think about the grinds inside the grinder that exist for more than half a year and you are drinking the extraction from it. That is not a good thing that happened.

The clean interval depends on using frequency. If you use the grinder in a cafe, I think you will clear frequently. If it's just home use, the period will be much longer and I suggest you have a plan like one week, two weeks or one month. The time is flexible and according to the real situation.

(3) When the grinder is chocked by grinds, clean them before usage.

This condition is rare because the coffee is normally dry. But on condition that the grinds are stored inside the grinder for some time and there is much moisture in the atmosphere, maybe we forgot to take the grinds out sometimes, so the oily and the wet powder will be stuck on to the gaps like the jelly. This condition is very rare but really exists. So if you encounter this situation, It's better to clean them before usage.

(4) When we haven't used it for a long time, clean it before usage.

I think this is easy to understand too. All appliances or tools need to be cleaned before usage if they are put in one place for a long time. Like the pot is put in the warehouse, and need to be washed before usage. Or you will eat dust and dirt carried by the food cooked by this pot.

So the grinder needs to be cleaned from outside to inside totally if it's stored for too much long time.

The detail cleaning method depends on the grinder's categories.

The different grinders have different structures and grinding stones. The cleaning will be totally different for them. But the cleaning principle is the same and need the similar cleaning tools. We may need brusher, vacuum cleaner, water, cloth, fan, etc. For us, the brusher and the water are musts. The others are advanced tools.

So if you want to check how to clean them, check the blogs above. They are all in detail and helpful.

Thanks for reading!

Wish you a nice day!

To be continued

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