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How to choose blender suitable for you

Mis à jour : 10 avr. 2020

The blender can work as a juice extractor, powder grinder, meat grinder, ice crusher, dough mixer, etc. It is not as professional as other appliances but it can do the job in its own working method.

There are too many categories of blender for you to choose from. So here I will show you how to choose the most suitable for you here.

Use purpose:

  • Commercial: Usually have a strong motor and can work continuously in heavy-duty conditions. Normally be used in hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes, juice bars, etc. The performance is very good and the outline is good too. Sometimes you can notice that the blenders have a soundproof hood to lower the noise.

  • Residential: We call them home-use blenders too. The appearance is very good and the size may be very small for you to take out. They are convenient and easy to use. They can handle most works at home but not suitable for heavy-duty usage. You can find many home-use blenders like bullet blenders, immersion blenders, USB blender, shake n take blenders, etc.

  • Industrial: Blenders are mostly made of metal and can have a large output per day. They have very big and powerful motors to crush anything inside the container. They are mostly used in food production factories or some restaurants that have very big customer traffics.

Remark: there is no obvious limit for your procurement. You can buy a commercial blender for home or an industrial blender for your shop. That's totally OK if you have such needs.

Blade set:

There are many kinds of blade leaves. Some are designed for ice crushing, some are designed for powder grinding. There are also blade sets designed for all functions.

And the blade sets maybe have 2, 4, 6, 8 blade leaves in one blade set. Price may be a bit different for them.

They are made of stainless steel 304 which food-grade metal. This is important because it will have a big effect on your health.

Working power:

This is obvious that the sequence of power is as below:

Industrial blender> commercial blender> residential blender

Remark: Sometimes there are special cases. For example, the power of the residential blender is bigger than the commercial blender.

Some low power can't break the ice or crush the hard food.

Jar capacity:

Commercial: About 2 Liters to 5 liters

Residential: About 400 ml to 2 liters

Industrial: About 30 liters or more

Remark: If it's for one person, the 500ml blender is OK. But if 3 people or more, 2L or more is better.

Jar material:

Commercial: high-intensity plastic or stainless steel.

Residential: high-intensity plastic or glass.

Industrial: Metals like stainless steel


  • plastic is light and strong enough to prevent the strikes.

  • The glass is easy to be cleaned and wear-resistant, but easy to be broken if it falls down or be struck.

  • Stainless steel is the best material and hard enough to bear any strikes. But it is not beautiful.

Control type

Commercial: mostly knob control, button control

Residential: mostly knob control, button control, electronic screen control

Industrial: mostly knob control, button control

Remark: the electronic screen is very beautiful and has many pre-set functions. So they are convenient and user-friendly. But the knob control and button control are better for professional users.

Voltage and frequency:

This part is very important that the wrong voltage and frequency will have very bad effects on the appliance. So we need to check this data when we buying online.

The main voltage: 100V/110V/127V/220V/230V/240V/380V

The frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

The phase: Single-phase/ Three-phase

Attention: Check this data first!! Check this data first!! Check this data first!!


Every country has its own plug type. So we need to check them too. Or you can't use your appliance at your home.

Check the types: type A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O.

And you can check this link for more details from IEF.

Type of plugs all over the world

Attention: Check this data first!! Check this data first!! Check this data first!!


The price will be shown below in most conditions.

Industrial blender> commercial blender> residential blender

Remark: There are also special cases too. Sometimes the branded residential blender is much expensive than the industrial blender.


  • If your kitchen is small and you need to think twice about the arrangement of the tools. Small size tools can save much space and make room for other tools.

  • If you own a big kitchen, a big and powerful appliance can play an important role in your daily life.


  • A smaller blender can be very convenient and you can put anywhere you want.

  • The bigger size blender is hard to move and it may sit at a certain place for a long time. So you need to consider the spots for it at the beginning.

And above is the main choices when choosing a blender. And if you want to choose a blender at home, I will provide more advice.

Recommend blender categories for home use:

  • Immersion blender

  • USB blender

  • Shake n take blender

  • Home use blender

  • Commercial blender

  • Commercial blender with sound-proof hood

And check the below picture for reference.

Thanks for reading.

Contact us if anything.

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