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How to distinguish the quality of beans

Judge from shape

Delicious coffee is easily to distinguish from the shape of the roasted coffee beans, as shown below.

There should be no bad coffee beans mixed in. It should be noted that normal standard beans also cause bad taste by the mixing with high quality coffee beans. A fried bean that can make delicious coffee must first be big and beautiful, and it will be uniform, followed by uniform size and no stain. These are the main points of visual discrimination. If you look carefully, it should be easy to distinguish.

Bad bean category

Fermented coffee beans are dropped beans fermented in advance before harvesting. The moldy odors contained can have a big impact on the taste of coffee. Dead beans, also known as unripe beans, are affected by climatic factors and are not well growed. After frying, it will produce fried spots, which will make the coffee have Astringency taste. Black fermented beans, coffee beans that have been spoiled and turn black. Because it is black, it can be distinguished from normal coffee beans at a glance. Coffee beans infested by locust beans.

The broken beans may be stuck during work, or handled wrongly to cause the coffee beans to be broken. It will cause fried spots when fried, and will produce bitterness and astringency. Other residual thin-skinned beans, dysplastic beans, part dry beans that is not completely dried will produce musty, shell beans(only shell outside)

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