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How to import a better blender?

Mis à jour : 28 nov. 2019

It's a very serious problem to choose the right supplier before place bulk order to a supplier. If anything goes wrong, the importer may lose a lot, or will cost their all business. So how to choose and find the right product is a very important topic.

Coffeeappliance China co.,ltd is professional exportor of coffee appliance and juice appliance. Will give you the advise as below:

1. Check the company is a real company not a fake supplier.

You can google the company to get more information about the supplier. If there is bad record or too less information, That maybe risky to made payment to them. The bad record means the supplier is not a good supplier. Too less information means the supplier is too small or just a fake supplier don't want to waste more time on advertisement.

2. Order a sample or visit the company.

No matter you are a big distributor or wholesaler, or small importer like retailer or just launched a drop-shipping website. You need check the quality of the good instead of just choose the low price.

Hoestly customer like cheap goods but cheap always means the product can run well when they received the goods. Complaints will come soon.

So I suggest you to get a sample if you have time and willing to have long term business. Or you can directly visit the supplier to check their product and company ability.

So after above 2 advise we can get comparatively realiable supplier. Then how can we choose the right blender for us? Please let me explain:

1. Check the blender appearance

It's first to check the appearance of the blender. You will easily know the blender from the photo or the sample received. It's a very direct method to check if it's a suitable blender.

2. Check the blender parameter

Each market has it's requirements of the blender, like big power blender or No BPA blender or voltage requirements etc. Get the blender parameter list to confirm one by one to ensure there's no mistake anymore. Or you may lose money because of carelss and get a pack of useless goods.

3. Check the blender motor

Blender motor is the heart of a good quality blender that give power to the blender blade in the juice jar. There are copper blender motor and aluminium blender motor. The first is more expensive and better quality and durable. And we have many model of the motor like #9525, #9530, #9535, #9540, #9545, #9547, #9825, #9845 etc. You may get confused by them. Just remeber #98** better than #95**, And #**45 >40 >35 >30 >25.

This is just a simple way to choose the motor.

4. Check the cert and material of jar

The cert supplier have is a proof of the quality. A good supplier will have many certs to prove the excellence of their products. Like CE means blender is approved by European market.

And another key point is the material of Jar. If it's BPA-free?

This is very important because the BPA-free material is more healthy and some market requires this strictly.

Here Coffeeappliance China co.,ltd provides the advise for you. Hope you get the goods you really need for your market.

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