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Manual coffee grinder guidance. (why choose, usage, fineness adjustment, clean, disassemble)

Mis à jour : 4 déc. 2019

When comes to coffee, there is so much advice over there to make a statement of comparison of purchasing ground coffee or just beans to grind by ourselves. Obviously it's more convenient to buy the ground coffee and the only thing left is just to extract the coffee powder by coffee makers. But the ground coffee will lose aroma gradually because it increases the contact face with air. So many coffee lovers prefer to buy beans to grind by themselves to make a better flavor even the process is more complicated because the new ground coffee won't have the disadvantage and the control of fineness can be decided by us to make more kinds of coffee as each person's preference.

So if we want to make the coffee with better taste and more kinds of personal invention. I will recommend the beans and an additional coffee grinder to realize this.

The reasons I choose the manual coffee grinder

In the market no matter we visit the coffee tools store or surf the internet to search for an ideal coffee grinder, we find thousands of coffee grinders with many brands and outlines, different functions. And the price for them rang from $10-$1000 more or less. So here I will list the reasons why I choose the manual coffee grinder.

1. If you are the rookie and just begin the journey of coffee making, I will advise you to start from the easiest tool to learn the basic operation and knowledge instead of spending money on the expensive electrical coffee grinders. But if you don't care about the cost of $300 or more, you can get an electrical coffee grinder for trail usage.

2. When you are short of funds, the manual coffee is also a great choice that can realize the most function of an electrical coffee grinder but just take time and strength. Although it can't make super fineness and very good consistency, it's still a good choice for most kinds of coffee like pour-over coffee, French press coffee, Aeropress, siphon coffee, etc. The manual coffee grinder normally has the stepless regulation function that can enlarge the creation of the user.

3. For outgoing and trips. It is a small joy that you can enjoy the beautiful view on the journey and sip a cup of hot new ground coffee. So with no electricity, a hot water insulation pot, a manual coffee grinder and glass coffee maker is a great choice. I think not many people will bear an instant coffee to ruin great enjoyment.

4. The enjoyable process. The rotation process needs to be carried out by human power. With the one round and another round, the powder particle drops one by one with small crisp sounds which means the effort pays off and great beverage is on the way.

5. Low noise. The mechanism technology of manual coffee grinder doesn't have an electric motor inside. The only power source is your bare hands and that doesn't create much sound. So don't worry your grinding will make noise to disturb your sleep child or dears.

6. Much better than blade coffee grinder. Although the manual grinder is simple and cheap as the blade coffee grinder, and blade coffee grinder uses electricity to drive the machine. The result of a blade grinder is just similar to using the blender to blending beans. It's just not satisfactory. The particle is just crushed as if it's punched by the stone.

The manual grinders have the same principle to the electrical conical grinders just different in the driving power. So it can make comparatively more professional bean particles. And most importantly, the consistency is much better and fineness can be changed.

The manual coffee grinder also has disadvantages.

1. Consistency and fineness are not enough for super fine coffee powder like Espresso and Turkish coffee, etc.

2. Too much cost of human strength. Maybe tired to make cups of coffee for the whole family.

3. Don't fall down or mix hard substances into beans. The major material of the conical burr used in a manual coffee grinder is ceramics. It is hard but fragile. So the impact of striking the earth will do destroy the burr. And the hard substances like stone or metal will damage the burr edges or even break it entirely.

4. The metal burr manual coffee grinder is also expensive like the electrical grinders. Although they have better performance but the cost is not good for beginners.

So, in my opinion, I suggest you consider all the factors before you place an order. If it's suitable for you now, don't hesitate to place the order.

Next, I will introduce you the using guidance of manual coffee grinder

Check this video for reference:

Here we bring the stainless steel manual coffee grinder as an example to show you.

1. Open the box, check no item missing, put together

Our manual coffee grinder is direct from our company and is originally not branded. So you can see the total white carton in the video. As we take all out, the 3 items: handle, grinder body, manul is all we have. Strip the foam paper wrapped up the handle and grinder body and connect the handle to top of the body which has the hexagonal shaft head. Then it's all finished. Just take time to read the manual to grasp the measures to use it.

2. Guidance for grinding step by step

(1) Check the coffee beans to avoid the hard substance inside which can do lots of damage to the ceramic burr grinder.

(2) Clean the grinder if it's necessary (Skip this if it's new grinder)

(3) Check all the parts to ensure nothing is missing. (Sometimes we disassemble it to clean and forget some parts somewhere)

(4) Adjust the round disc close to the burr to control the fineness. From course to fine, all decided by the gap distance between two burr parts. The smaller gap makes the finer particle, and the bigger gap makes coarse particles. Make sure the coffee you will make need the powder to be fine or coarse.

(5) Put the beans to the grinder body from the handle side(first remove the cover on that side). Use a measuring scoop to ensure the quantity for you and your family to avoid waste.

(6) Grinding by rotating the handle with even speed. And rotate up-right. The handle side up, the burr side down. Because the beans fall down by gravity to the burr. If upside-down or leans, the burr will grind nothing, and effort will be wasted. (This is a key process for grinding)

(7) Check transparent glass on the powder compartment. You will have a direct reflection of the quantity of powder. If the storage compartment is full, pour out and continue grinding.

3. Cleaning guidance of manual coffee grinder after a long time usage

(1) Disassemble the grinder. Remove the powder compartment and handle with top cover. The body part is key to cleaning because the powder stays mostly inside the edges of the burr.

(2) In the video, for the grinder we have, spin the fineness adjustment part to the direction of coarse. Slowly this part will loose and fall. And inner burr will be pushed out by the spring inside. Take the inner burr and spring out then. From the handle side take the shaft out. Be careful not to forget the small black washer.

(3) With all parts separated, we can now notice that the spot needs to be cleaned is the inner burr and the outer burr.

So there are several methods to clean them:

* Vacuum cleaner to suck the powder (Hold them tightly to avoid them from being sucked inside vacuumer)

* Brush to erase the powder

* Water and a toothbrush to clean stubborn powder (water will take away the stain brush can't, and brush will help the process. But remember to keep it dry before assemble)

* Compressed air to push the stubborn powder alway (if you have and be careful to hold them tightly)

(4) Until they are dry and clean, put them together as we disassemble them. Don't forget the washer and spring because they are small parts and easy to be ignored.

What coffee does the manual coffee grinder suitable for?

I think this is a good question. I tried several kinds of extracting and found out that only the high standard powder can't be made like the powder for Espresso and Turkish. The others are all OK. It's free to try all other kinds of coffee with a portable manual coffee grinder.

And there is a small tip for you to buy the manual coffee grinder. If you want to buy not only 1 pcs like 10 pcs or 100 pcs, you can inquire a manufacturer or wholesaler for this order. Because they are the direct supplier for many brands and you can get a good quotation if they agreed to take the order.

As a professional supplier of the coffee appliances and beverage appliances, we can supply this manual coffee grinder. So if you got a big order, We are willing to provide you an excellent price.

Thank you all!

Contact: info@coffeeappliance.com

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