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What a food processor can do

Mis à jour : 2 avr. 2020

We mainly specialize in coffee appliances. But sometimes we don't have coffee grinders near you. So a food processor maybe can help you with coffee grinding.

So here let's talk about the food processer for coffee grinding. And also let's check what other function does it has.

Firstly what is a food processor?

A food processor has the blade set consists of several blade leaves connected to a bar. The bar is connected to the power source that is human strength or motor power. So it is a similar tool to the blender. The only difference is the blade structure. The blender blade can break the ice because it's short, thick and sharp, hard enough which food processor normally can't do. The food processor has the blade leaves that are sharp, long, and thin. And the bar is plastic or metal material.

Sometimes we see the blender as a member of the food processor family. But here we only discuss the food processor with a long and thin blade set.

So what can a food processor do?

1. Rough powder

I mean the food processor can make powder which is the main function of powder grinders. But what we need know is that it can only make rough powder which is not fine and not even and just for casual usage.

Attention: don't grind the very hard material. You may damage the blade set because this blade set is not very strong. And remember to cut the material first if it's too big.

2. Smoothie

It can break the ice and make them into smoothies. So if you don't have a blender, it is a great substitute.

Attention: You need to break the ice into small cubes because you will hurt your appliance if the ice is too big and the processor can't break it.

3. Juice

It is easy to understand this. You can get the juice with flesh which is delicious.

Attention: Cut them first. Just think this is a simplified blender

4. Grinding meat

Meat is soft and it is easy to cut and mix.

Attention: Cut them into small cubes and get rid of bones first. The bones will damage the thin blade.

5. Make the jam

If you cut the potato or tomato. You can get the jams.

Attention: Cut them first to make it easier to blend.

6. Fruit or vegetable slice

This function can be realized if it is designed. Some will have the slice cutter can be mounted on the processor and cut the materials into cubes, slices or chips.

So above is our simple introduction to food processors. If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading.

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