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What does a blade coffee grinder can do

Mis à jour : 17 mars 2020

The first time I can remember I received a blade coffee grinder as a present from my good friend. It is not big and convenient. And a bit heavy because of the motor inside.

The blade coffee grinder is not an ideal appliance to make an excellent coffee drink. But it's a good substitute for traveling or outgoing when your addiction to coffee comes.

So let's know about the structure and principle of the blade coffee grinder.

The blade grinder is similar to a blender. There will be a motor inside and connect with the blade inside a SUS hopper. Besides, there are screws, wires, buttons, etc.

A blade grinder is an integrated appliance that the hopper(we call jar if it's a blender) is inside the shell, besides the hopper is stainless steel. The blender has the base and jar separated from each other.

Another difference is that the SUS hopper is not waterproof. There are 2 screw holes inside the button of the hopper. But the blender jar is totally waterproof and is made of healthy plastic.

Then it's easier for us to know what a blade grinder can do

1. Making powder

It is very easy to understand that the blade grinder can make powder. So there is no difference if it's making coffee powder or rice powder or any other powder. But we need to make sure that the object is suitable. Don't put stone or metal inside for fun. Because they may damage your precious appliance or damage even yourself.

This is the major function of a blade grinder. The

2. Mixing dough or jelly, etc

I mean the blade grinder can be used to mix the comparatively dry jelly or similar material. Because I explained above that the SUS hopper is not totally waterproof. And the other thing is that the capacity of the hopper is so small that you can only mix a small amount inside.

It is very OK to mix the dough inside, dry jelly or mud inside. But I think it will only be for small needs.

And there are more functions the blade grinder has that you can develop by yourself. It's really a cute and useful small appliance.

Thanks for reading

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