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what is flat burr

Mis à jour : 20 févr. 2020

It's normally a question for the beginner of coffee lovers. It's easy to understand if you see the video or photos or articles that can introduce them or mention them. Here I will explain in a simple way to you.

Firstly, let's check the Wikipedia answer of burr mill

And I will show you a picture too.

You can easily check there are mainly two kinds of burrs in the world. And the flat burr has more categories which are introduced in the pictures.

The flat burrs are made of two round hollow metal and have the sharp edges on one side to grind the beans.

No matter what shape the Sharpe edge looks like, they all belong to the flat burr categories.

The different sharp edges have a different function. For me, I prefer the traditional flat burr instead of ghost burrs and block burrs.

The material for the flat burr can be pottery or metal. And the price will be different too.

So I think it's easy to know about the flat burr after you read the above content.

If you have any questions or ideas. Please contact us or leave a message.

Thanks for reading.

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