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What is the blade coffee grinder? the principle, structure, usage, clean introduction

There are many kinds of coffee grinding tools in the market. They all have different features and various price ranges.

Today we will talk about the blade coffee grinder which is a convenient and cheap coffee appliance. By the way, it is called a coffee mill too.

What is a blade coffee grinder? The principle and structure

The principle of a blade coffee grinder is simple. If you have a blender at home, it is very obvious that the blender and blade grinder all have blade inside, container, motor down in the button. And the structure seems very similar.

The blade grinder has a motor inside and it is connected to the propeller-shaped blade inside the container. When plugged in, the motor runs and drives the blade to rotate and cut the beans.

And actually the process is not grinding. It is cutting and slicing with the sliced beans part flying around and striking each other or striking the container. So in this process. The beans are processed into particles but not really powder. The result would be too fine powder and coarse powder, or even big fragment together.

In this process, the heat will appear and may change the original feature of beans powder.

Although the blade grinder is more like a blender instead of a grinder, it is still a convenient appliance to deal with the coffee or other ingredients.

I will list the PROS and CONS below:


(1) Convenient to use and take because it's small

(2) Can make coffee powder in its special principle

(3) Cheap. price is similar to the manual coffee grinder

(4) A good choice for the coffee lover who wants a casual coffee and not strict with it.


(1) The unevenness and inconsistency of particles. (as mentioned above in principle)

(2) Extra heat created in the process may cause the flavor changed

(3) And the static happened during the process make the particle sticky.

(4) The coffee powder is of low quality that it's only suitable for some coffee need very coarse powder. The flavor is hated by some coffee lovers.

And you can check the using video of the blade coffee grinder for reference

So I will list some advice to improve the performance of the blade grinder a bit.

1. Process the beans more times. If one time is not enough, try the second time and third time and more, until it's satisfactory. But remember to halt for a while and wait for beans and motor to release heat every time.

2. Lean the blade grinder. If you have experience of using shake n take blender or USB mini blender, it's easy to understand that lean the grinder to a different direction and different angle will make the blade easier to contact some particles on the upper surface and never come down until the grinder stops. This will increase the efficiency of grinding (blending).

3. Shake or start/stop. This is also inspiration from the mini blender. Hold the grinder and secure the cover, then shake it a bit like the bartender. Or start and stop quickly like we use the pulse function of our blender. Just imagine you are using a blender designed for coffee beans, then you will get it the right way.

By the way, the functions of a blade grinder are not limited to grind coffee beans.

The blade coffee grinder can also work as a powder maker or jam maker. The pepper powder, minced garlic, chili powder, etc can be made easily. The performance is good. But I don't advise to try smoothie or ice crushing. The coffee blade grinder is too small and it's not designed for the beverage. So don't test the waterproof function of it to make yourself safe.

So let me talk about how to clean this blade coffee grinder here now

1. Suck the powder by a vacuum cleaner

2. Brush the blade and the metal container by a brush

3. Use compressed air to blow the sticky powder and brush at the same time(if you have compressed air).

As a professional supplier of the coffee appliances and beverage appliances, we can supply this blade coffee grinder. So if you got a big order, We are willing to provide you an excellent price.

Thank you all!Contact: info@coffeeappliance.com

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