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You can't ignore the importance of a excellent coffee grinder before making a cup nice coffee!!

Mis à jour : 28 nov. 2019

Many friends who like fine coffee always focus on the coffee extraction equipment when purchasing home coffee appliance. whether it is Pour-over coffee, French pressure coffee, electrical-drip coffee maker, Syphon pot, or even Italian coffee machine, We care its professionalism before order. However, the performance and professionalism of the grinder is also serious and important that being ignored by everyone. There is a definition in the coffee industry: grinders are more important than Italian coffee machines. Professional coffee shops know that. so if you want to make a cup of qualified fine coffee in your family, the coffee grinder should be attracted everyone's attention.

Why the coffee grinder is important?Because the most important processing step before the coffee is extracted and brewed. Here we share the most important elements in the whole coffee making chain: 1. Coffee trees in the plantation which are the most important elements; 2. The coffee processing process, it is the most important part of the coffee before leaving the plantation; 3. Coffee roasting machine, it is the key equipment that turn the green coffee beans without coffee flavor into a rich flavor roasted coffee bean 4,coffee grinder, it is the first step for roasting coffee beans before arriving the bar; 5, coffee extraction and brewing equipment. Thus, the coffee grinder is obviously a important part.

So what is a good coffee grinder? Some professional friends will say: Grinding evenly. In fact, completely even coffee grinding process does not exist. At present, the coffee powder ground by any coffee grinder is composed of coarse powder, medium coarse powder, medium fine powder, fine powder and very fine powder. These different particle size coffee powders play different roles in the coffee extraction process, some of which form Mellow taste and some are used to express special flavor. Therefore, even if there is a completely even powder, the coffee produced lack taste in flavor. If you have the opportunity to use a different size of powder sieve. the ground coffee powder is sieved and then made into coffee, the difference will be clear.

The excellent coffee grinder we talked about is a grinder with a stable ratio of coarse and fine powder. At present, many famous grinder manufacturers apply a lot of high technology, the purpose is to pursue the stability of the proportion of coarse and fine powder in coffee powder. And some cheap grinders can't assure the stability of the ratio of coarse and fine powder in coffee powder. This time, the fine powder accounts for 15%, and the next time it is 30%. It looks like the coarse particles are covered with a layer of fine powder. Therefore, the coffee powder ground by such a grinder cannot be scientifically extracted because grinding is a prerequisite for coffee extraction.

We often see that many coffee lovers can spend 10,000 dollar or more to buy an Italian machine, but they will use of a hand mill or a small crusher to grind beans, which is very holy crazy. The last step of a delicious coffee at home or in cafe bar is to upgrade your coffee grinder first.

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